Meopta meopro 6x42 review

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Meopta meopro 6x42 review

Meopta is an optics manufacturer that is not well known to U. This is a shame since Meopta makes excellent quality optics at generally reasonable prices. That is certainly the case with the 8x42 HD MeoPros. That broaches several topics at once: optical quality and cost.

Optical quality will be discussed in detail below, but a quick digression about pricing is in order. We think of optics pricing in terms three tiers: low, middle and high. Optics is a market where pricing tends to run true, excluding the occasional short-lived deal. Generally speaking, you get what you pay for, and more to the point, you don't get what you don't pay for.

Convincing you that you're getting more than you actually are is called "marketing"! Back to the binoculars in hand, the MeoPros fall at the lower end of the mid-price range. One other note: we received only the 8x42 model for testing, so this article concerns only that configuration. Optical performance is the single most important category for a binocular. On the whole, we were quite favorably impressed with the 8x42 MeoPros in the field. One of the things that just jumped out at us was how effective their fluoride HD glass and lens coatings were in eliminating chromatic aberration "color fringing" — basically, you see none whatsoever under virtually any field conditions.

Their performance in this regard is fairly extraordinary. We see a lot of binoculars with much more expensive glass and coatings that don't perform nearly as well in eliminating chromatic aberration. Meopta's HD glass also yields consistently bright, crisp, high-quality views under virtually all field conditions.

We measured the minimum close focus on these binoculars at just inches 1. While we're talking about focus, it's worth noting that the 8x42 MeoPros go from minimum close focus to infinity in about 1. This is about the perfect level of pitch: fast enough that you can react to moving targets, but not so fast that you blow past your intended focus point.

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The mechanism is a bit stiff, but nicely precise. Eye relief was a healthy 20 mm, which should be more than sufficient for most users. Interestingly, Meopta's website lists two different field of view statistics for this binocular: under Specifications, it lists the field of view at feet at yards, but in the text description of the product, the same statistic is listed at feet at yards. We aren't completely sure what to make of this!

Both estimates are a little bit better than average performance for an 8x binocular with regard to this property, so it probably doesn't matter much. The 8x42 HD MeoPro binoculars are very lightweight at just This binocular measures 6.

With the hinge fully open, they are exactly 5 inches The interpupilary distance range on these is quite broad at mm 2. This means that these binoculars should easily fit the breadth of most people's faces. As long as we're talking about eye cups, a word or two about what the MeoPros do for these. The eye cups on these binoculars have one stable position between fully out and fully in and they adjust between positions with a helical twist. All three positions are very stable; they don't collapse inadvertently, which is very good.

In this, the 8x42 MeoPros are well-designed. The only potential downside is, with only three positions most binoculars have four or more positions that if these three positions don't happen to provide you with optimal eye relief, you will have to make up for that in how you hold the binocular to your face. Fortunately, the MeoPros have above average eye relief, so they should fine for most people.

As expected on any good quality roof prism binocular, the MeoPros are completely waterproof. They are sealed and nitrogen-filled in order to be internally fog proof. The adjustment mechanism is a simple twist-ring on the right barrel of the binocular.Forums New posts Search forums.

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Opinion of Meopta optics Thread starter Hicks Start date Jun 18, Let's start another one. A company out of my family's neck of the woods Joined Jul 26, Messages 2, I've looked through there spotting scope, pretty impressive.

Deviant Well-Known Member. Joined Jul 12, Messages Location Nebraska. I bought a meostar x56 awhile back for coyote calling at night but haven't had a chance to sight it in yet. Initial impression is good though and glass is nice and clear.

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At this stage I own two Meopta scopes, one is the Meopro 4. The other is a Meopro x42mm on my wife's CZ semi auto The optics in both these scopes is incredibly good considering the price is about half that of top tier scopes. The HTR model tracks very well. All in all I am very impressed with Meopta products. Joined Nov 29, Messages Location Arkansas. Meopta makes great optics and great products. Up until about 9 months ago, or so, they did not concentrate at all on promoting their own brand.

They are the company that made the Zeiss Conquest line of riflescopes for years, which was essentially a re-wrapped Meopta Meopro. Stupid IMO. Towards the end of last year they hired a top guy, who was with Nikon for over 20 years, and put him in charge of the Sports Optics division.

He immediately started to implement changes to get the Meopta line of offerings starting with their binoculars. He understands the best way to get folks to use a product is get it into their hands so they can see how great it is. They have enhanced their offerings of riflescopes too.

They have also hired a few great people for tech and customer support. All great steps in a short time. Please feel free to give a call to discuss which Meopta is right for you and keep an eye on them as I do believe the next couple of years will bring exciting changes to their offerings.

Joined Dec 1, Messages Meopta has built products for many European optical companies over the years. The Cabela's Euro products are from Meopta. They are a good unit at a nice price.Like most kids that grew up in the country, I was introduced to shooting at a young age with a single shot, bolt action.

That rifle A Glenfield that I still have to this day was my first rifle, and it still shoots just a well today as it did then.

A Look at the Top 6x Fixed Power Rifle Scopes on the Market Today

The single-shot operation was instrumental as I learned gun safety, and the open sights were a key component as I learned the fundamentals of marksmanship. The open sights somewhat limited my effective range, which helped me learn basic hunting and stalking skills when hunting small game. As I got older, I really wanted a scope for that rifle, and my grandparents obliged for my 13th birthday. That scope which was my first was a fairly inexpensive Tasco 4 powered scope, but I thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

As such, most all my friends also used either open sights or fixed powered scopes as well. I used that Glenfield and Tasco combo to harvest quite a few squirrels, rabbits, and pigeons during my early teens.

When I turned 16, my parents gave me a Marlin 39A lever action. I had the scope mounted in some fancy see-through rings, so I could use the open sights on the Marlin for close shots but also use the scope for longer shots. The glass on the Weaver K8 was significantly better at least to my year-old eyes compared to the 4X powered Tasco.

The better glass, coupled with the cool action on the 39A, ultimately replaced my Glenfield single shot as my go-to. My first deer rifle was a Marlin which was the most popular rifle and caliber during that tie periodand I also equipped it with a Weaver K8 fixed 6 powered scope. Having used a fixed powered scope for much of my teenage years in both hunting and shooting situations, I can personally attest to the simplicity and effectiveness of using a fixed powered rifle scope.

That being said, fixed powered scopes are dying a slow death as they are steadily being replaced with the more popular variable powered scope option. Simplicity — Compared to a variable powered scope, fixed powered scope models offer a very simplistic and easy approach to use. For the most part, there are no dials to turn, buttons to adjust, etc.

That simplistic approach is very popular for some people, and one of the reasons that most kids start out shooting using a fixed powered scope. Optical Brightness — Because a fixed power scope uses fewer lenses compared to a variable powered model, the fixed powered models tend to offer a brighter view between the two scopes. Also, the degree of brightness increases as the fixed power of the scope increases. For example, a fixed 16X powered scope will be brighter than a fixed 6x powered scope.

Field of view is measured in feet, and the normal distance is yards. With a variable powered scope, the FOV value goes down as the power magnification goes up. The specs on that scope indicate that at 6X power, the FOV at yards in On 24X at yards, the FOV drops down to 4.

Meopta MeoPro HD Binoculars

So, the shooter sees an extra 2 feet in the FOV compared to a variable powered scope. Lower Cost — Typically speaking, the fixed power scope models usually cost less than their variable powered counterparts, especially if you are comparing the costs within the same brand. The lower costs are tied to fewer lenses and fewer internal parts, which equates to a less expensive scope. Less weight — That same concept of fewer lenses and fewer internal parts also means that a fixed powered scope usually weighs less than its variable powered cousin.

Now, to be fair, sometimes the difference in weight between a fixed power versus an adjustable powered scope is only a few ounces, but, if scope weight is a factor for you, then a fixed power scope may be something to consider. More durable — Also related along with the fewer components approach, the fewer moving parts means fewer opportunities for parts failure.

This means that fixed powered scope tends to be more durable over time compared to an adjustable powered one.Based out of the Czech Republic, Meopta Optics has a diverse and interesting history. The company was founded in and was called Optikotechna. One of the company founders invented and patented the first enlarging camera objective in Czechoslovakia now the Czech Republic.

Optikotechna focused on camera and darkroom equipment with an emphasis in enlargers and lenses. When Germany invaded and occupied what was then called Czechoslovakia during WWII, they forced Optikotechna to supply the German military with the same optical devices that they had been providing for the Czechoslovakian Army.

After the war, the company was name was changed from Optikotechna over to Meopta. Under the Meopta name, they were still providing optical equipment to the military, and became a major producer of photo enlargers and cinema projectors. InMeopta opened a U. For example, have you heard of the Zeiss Conquest line of scopes?

That line was manufactured by Meopta for Zeiss. Now Zeiss is one of the top European scope brands, so the fact that Meopta was making this line for Zeiss should tell you something. I should know as I own several of them. Now Schott glass is a very high-quality glass that is used to make lenses for various items, including rifle scopes. Most all the high-end European rifle scope lines use Schott glass for their lenses.

Unlike most rifle scope brands, Meopta does not use a wholesale system where most any gun store or other vendor can purchase Meopta products through a wholesale channel. Instead, Meopta is committed to selling through a dedicated line of dealers that understand the value of the Meopta line.

Meopta has a fairly broad line of rifle scope models including a series built on a 1-inch tube, 4 series built on a 30mm tube, and 1 series built on a 34mm tube. In terms of power magnification ranges, Meopta has scopes that range from a power all the way up to a X56 power. In mid, Meopta is introducing a new line called the Optika6 series which will have a model with a power range of X In addition to the more common reticles, they also offer a number of specialty reticles including a.

At the SHOT show, Meopta introduced a new reticle option called a Dichroic reticle which is a multi-colored reticle that changes color based on natural ambient light and does not require a battery. In order to be covered under this warranty, Meopta requires the buyer to register the scope with them within 30 days of the purchase.

Based on the warranty terms it sounds like a somewhat typical limited lifetime warranty that you see with other brands. How they handle a warranty claim on a used scope that is not registered under their warranty program remains to be seen.

This warranty also only covers Meopta scopes that are purchased in the United States. On most of the current Meopta scope lines, the side focus bottoms out at 50 yards. Now they have a select few where the side focus or parallax bottoms out at 30 yards.

Rifle Scope Review: The Meopta Meopro HTR

But, for the most part, not focusing down below the 50 yard mark somewhat limits how the scopes can be used. For example, most airgunners want something that focuses all the way down to at least 10 yards, while certain precision rifle disciplines would also require the scope to focus down to at least 30 yards. The answer somewhat depends on the specific Meopta line of scopes that you are asking about.Print Thread.

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Joined: Feb I ordered an open box Meopta MeoPro 6x42 with a 4 reticle from Cameralandny just before our hunting season started. I thought I would share my thought on it so far. My favorite scope has always been the Leupold 6x42 and this scope compares very favorably with it. The optics are bright and clear and the field of view is great.

The eye relief seems a little shorter on the Meopta but it is still adequate. The 4 reticle is much better than Leupold's and really stands out.

meopta meopro 6x42 review

I mounted it on a Steyr-Mannlicher M Professional. Overall I have been very impressed and can highly reccomend this scope. Joined: Jun High Desert. Would you experience immensely righteous fulfillment if I conceded to your condescending suspicions? Joined: Jan Negaunee, Michigan.

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If you need Buffalo Bore you are using the wrong cartridge. Joined: Apr NE PA. This has been my experience with the Meopta 6x42 also. I prefer their 4 reticle to their Plex.

The Meopta's posts are much thicker and the gap between them is a little larger.

meopta meopro 6x42 review

It is very easy to see the reticle well after sundown. Joined: Oct I received one with a 4 reticle today.The stand out listings traded on the ASX captured at key moments through the day, as indicated by the time stamp in the video. With tax reform and infrastructure stimulus looking likely to boost US GDP in 2018, could the Fed signal four rate hikes in 2018. This video was produced in commercial partnership between Fairfax Media and IG Markets.

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meopta meopro 6x42 review

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meopta meopro 6x42 review

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Opinion of Meopta optics...

Alexandra was efficient, helpful, responsive and always cheerful. Once in Iceland, we received an Iceland Road Atlas and a phone to use in emergencies. Nothing went wrong on this trip.

If it had, I know that Nordic Visitor would have helped us in any way that they could. My expectations are high and they were surpassed. We just returned from an awesome nine day trip with visits to Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo. Cecilia from Nordic Visitor coordinated the trip including transporation between the cities and hotels. She even coordinated a last minute change during our trip. Overall, we had a great trip and are very happy with our expereince with Cecilia and Nordic Visitor.

This review comes a little late but then better late than never.

Meopta OPTIKA 6 4.5-27x50 RD second focal plane telescopic sight review

Last year we booked the four corners tour of Iceland with nordic visitor. Our trip from day one was very well planned and organised. Iceland is a beautiful country no doubt but with the services of Nordic visitor it became an unforgetable experience. Here i want to specially thank HELMUR for the promptness in resolving any issues and taking care of all our needs as we were travelling with small children aged 4 and 11.

Must acknowledge and thanks HJULTI who went out of his way to show the best face of Nordic Visitor team. Wish them all the best. I was very pleased with the whole experience. My thanks to Kolbrun who was always quick to reply to my emails and questions. She was very helpful throughout. I liked the hotels selected and the locations they were in.

Overall the holiday was a great success and I am sure at some stage we will book another holiday through yourselves. The map provided to us highlighting the route and where the hotels were located, as well as attractions, was extremely helpful. The itinerary was well planned and we never felt rushed.

We really enjoyed your wonderful country. We asked Alexandra to try to get us the best rooms possible that were also quiet, if possible.

It was obvious that she had done so at every destination.


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